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5 Android Games You Must Try In 2016


Best android games of 2016.

Isn’t it the question running mile to mile in your mind? If its yes, then head for a list. Before starting the journey, I would like to assure you about it’s validity. The following list is made by continuous web research and social media survey. So, there is no chance of it’s being fraud or dull. Don’t believe?

Then give a trial to the games mentioned in the list or check their reviews in Google Play and then tell me if it worth validity or not.

The list is so short as we tried to find only the best pieces. We want to provide you the complete pleasure of gaming. So, we haven’t use a tons of contents to waste your time. Only selected and deserved games are mentioned in the list. So, wait and enjoy.

1. Badland 2

The game of Badland 2 is really seductive and engaging for the android-lovers. Not like other action game, it starts with a normal gameplay. Some can even think out to leave the game. But if you patiently wait and proceed with the game, then you will find the game as your time-partner.

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Badland 2 has an awesome graphics with a adventurous atmosphere and awesome sound effect. Here you have to move off the obstacles and also with the motioned screen. The difficulty goes up with the cope of the progression.

2. Fallout shelter

Fallout shelter is a customer beloved game and won many awards like ‘Best Google play choice of 2015’ and ‘ Mobile game of the year 2016 — Dice awards’.

It is a simulation game. Here you need to start your game by creating a modern room underneath the bedrock into the very picture of vault life. Then you have to appoint dwellers into the vault and fulfill their wants by equipping them with outfits, weapons and proper training. As it will be envied by other territories, you must defend it from the selfish attacks.

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For the improvement of the vault, you have to send out the dwellers for supply and check whether someone is trying to attack your vault. It is a game where you will have the access to have babies to create communities and almost every simulation stuffs!By it’s swift gameplay, it has earned over 10,000,00 downloads and won the gamer-hearts. Though it started its journey as a paid app, its now at free of cost. So, be prepared to design your dream vault life!

3. Crashland

The new released game is winning customer heart with an envious speed! The all attraction is it’s unique graphics and awesome game plan. It’s something like freestyle game.

In the game, an intergalactic trucker lands up in a planet possessed by the aliens. You have to find out what’s going on here and make up your base with the new friends and extract out the historical secret of the planet. In the game, you will get the benefit of managing your packages and use the tools as your need. It has an RPG character element and tons of collections so that you will get the complete pleasure of the game.

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The price of the game is not so costly. Just 4.99$

Hope you will try it!

4. Pokemon Go

The game in a word exploded in the gaming world! From child to aged, everyone is liking the game. The game was released in July 2016 and earned fame and popularity with a fastest way.

In the game, you explore in the real world (With your hands and legs) and hunt the Pokemons hiding in your surroundings! Not only you collect the pokemons but also you have to hatch them by walking a little bit more! Then after you think you have a stronger base, then head into the ‘Battle of gym’. The game also includes the pokestop where Pokemons are specially rather than any other place. And yes, you have to reach to the water for water monsters or pokemons!

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In fact, the real fun of the game is you have to explore for the game. If you hate walking, then the game is not for you!

5. Traffic Rider

Tired of playing simulations and comedy games?Then be prepared for climax, excitement and speed.

Traffic rider is a game which ensures you the full climax of racing atmosphere. Full career mode, first person perspective, better and improved graphics, real life sound effect and the huge collection of super-bikes is the key feature.

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These will intoxicate in a life of speed where every second matters. In the gameplay, you have to overtake the traffic with a terrifying speed and score for upgrading your bikes. This is a racing game where you will play mission and end up with a glorious victory. It’s alive environmental graphics will draw your mind to it. So, what are you waiting for? Time is racing. You too have to race and pace with it !

Using Android without playing games are like the magical sword without the enemies! So, The Android Lovers, my sincere application to you for playing the games. Otherwise, you may have a lifetime regret for it!

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