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Apple watch tips every user must know

Apple watch tips

Apple watch will be the on-demand product now in the tech market. There are very less apple users who do not know about the product.

But, likewise, you should know some tips and methods to ensure the better usage. Today, I am giving you some tips regarding the product.

Here are some Apple watch tips for users;

1: Turn on power reserver button when you do not use the exclusive feature.

Do you know your apple watch consumes too much?

Apple watch tips

Power when you don’t use it but keep the watch turned on! So, always trigger the power reserver button when you don’t need to use any features except knowing time.

Note: Apple watch will show the current time even if you turn on the power reserver mode.

3: Increase text size when you are reading any text.

Apple watch tips

Go to settings>brightness and text size and adjust the text size as your convenience.

3: Hide third party apps.

If you keep the third party apps being shown on the home screen, then that will consume your memory and power accidentally.

Apple watch tips

So, trigger or hold on the apps you want to remove. There will be a hide option and you will press the option. You will be successful!

4: Wake the apple watch.

If you flick your wrist when the watch is off, then the watch will show you the time.

5: Use your apple watch to find your iPhone.

Can’t find your iPhone in your home? OK, there is a way. Use your apple watch! Sounds mysterious?

Apple watch tips

Just swipe up to activate glances and select settings glances. From there, tap iPhone button and that will cause your iPhone to vibrate. After that, you will find your iPhone throughout the vibrant noise.

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6:Take screenshots.

Want to capture the screen in the watch? You can take the screenshot by pressing the side button simultaneously.

Apple watch tips

7: Advance compose on your message bar.

You can’t type on apple watch, but you can input the message text saved in your iPhone. You can set the default saved message by going to the apple watch app. The location: my watch>Messages>Default replies. You can then auto send the messages by simply tapping on the message bar on your apple watch.

8: Send your location to your needed ones.

Are you trying to get in touch with someone? You can easily do this by sharing your location if you both have apple watch. (I dream one day everyone will have this!)

Apple watch tips

You can do this on message screen by forcing touch the display and later select ‘Send location.’

9: Clear all of your notifications.

Sometimes, seeing to many icons on the notification bar doesn’t worth it. It also consumes power. But matter of joy, you can easily clear your notification bar.

At first, swipe down the display button to access to the notification bar. Then, force touch to bring out the ‘clear all’ option.

10: Review your iPhone photos from your watch.

Sometimes, we are far from the phone when we need to take a sweet selfie or nature photoshoot! Don’t worry of if you occupy the apple watch! How?

Use your watch as remote display or shutter machine! You can also review the recent shots by iPhone from your apple handwatch!

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