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How to check if someone blocked you on intagram


For many reason one may have blocked you in instagram. Sometimes, he or she must have been rude on you or don’t have the expectation to get their photos seen by you. By the way, there is a way you can know if you are blocked and who has blocked you.


Steps should be taken

Identify the suspects:

Try to think out who can bock you anyway. Have you misbehaved with someone? Or have you been rude to any friend? Thus try to think out the blocking suspects.

Enter his/her profile:

Verily, it is the main step. Whenever, you think out the blocker, you should check his profile. Who knows you have been blocked by your parents!

Try to follow the suspect:

If you can follow the suspect, then realise you are not blocked. If you can’t, then consider you are blocked.

Check by another account:

Create another account. Question, how?

Scroll down to the ‘Log out’ option and then enter the ‘Create a new account ’ option. You will find the option instantly after logging out with the ‘Log in’ option.

After you create a new account, try to follow the man. If you can follow him with the account, but not by the previous one, then it is apparent you were blocked.

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Check the unfollowgram:

This is a new feature from the instagram. Through this, you can know who has unfollowed you recent time. Note that, unfollowing doesn’t mean blocking. But it has some kind relation to that.

Log into instagram and attempt to follow the person or account who is unfollowing you. If you are able to follow the person or you are already doing it, then realise he or she has not blocked you.

Personally contact with the person:

Chat the person with various messengers or face to face talking. Then ask him about the truth(the blocking matter!).You cannot be denied in the meantime!

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