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How To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3

convert YouTube videos

I swear you like these two words! Listening to songs and musics via YouTube is an excellent way to fulfill our mental pleasure.

But,the problem is everyone doesn’t afford the money for listening to music videos. As they consume enough megabytes, everyone even doesn’t like to head to YouTube for listening songs. They much prefer to download songs on various sites. But, these sites don’t provide you the background of choosing newer and authentic songs or musics!

So,you must find a way to cope with the both side. So, what is the solution?! ‘Converting the videos into mp3’. It is the most expected remedy you are probably finding!

convert YouTube videos

But,question,how to do the task? Want this to be answered? Then let’s head for a journey!

How To Convert YouTube Videos To MP3

1.Choose the videos you want to convert to mp3.

2.Now go to a site which provides you the service of mp3 formatting.Stay with us for some of those site links!

3.Copy the URL of the videos of your choice from YouTube.

4.Paste this on the box provided in the site for conversion.

5.Click the ‘Start’ button.

6.Wait till the conversion processing is completed.

7.Now,finally download the file from the direct link provided.

8.Open the mp3 and enjoy!

Look how easy the system is! You have the full benefits of secure mp3 conversion. Because, most site provide the service of malware and virus security.

The time is also so less and they consume so little MB than the YouTube offline benefit! By the way,you can easily rely on mp3 formatting and conversion from the site as they give you the full site speed and security!

Which sites should be used for such conversion?

There are many websites, tools, android and iOS apps and even some blogs for this magical touch! Recommended by me :—



i) YouTube to MP3 Converter

ii) Online video converter.com

iii) YouTubeinmp3.com

iv) vidtomp3.com

v) listentoYouTube.com

Note: All these websites are first page ranked in Google.

Android apps:

i) Wontube downloader

ii) tubemate

iii) Zeem

iv) Tube to mp3 (android)

v)Droid YouTube Downloader

Note: You are invoked to install these apps by downloading apk (If you don’t get them in those app stores.)

iOS apps:


ii) File converter free


Windows apps:

i)Free YouTube to mp3 converter– DVDVIdeoSoft

ii) iSkysoft itube

iii) Softorino YouTube converter

Iv) freemake video downloader

Note: Only for Mac and windows

After all, it is a good point to turn your videos into mp3 for data saving and mp3 listening. If you are able to convert them into mp3, you will be able to listen to them anywhere by your mp3 player! So, this method will help and serve above any doubt.

So, let’s give it a try!

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