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How to disable control panel in windows

If your system is shared by more than one user,

Control Panel

Your system shared by more than one user? As like your friends, family or by any other network, and you don’t want them to change or mess up with your system settings, then in this type of situation you can restrict their access to use your control panel and PC settings.

By disabling it, only you can change in your PC setting. Just go through this article, to find out

how to disable Control Panel in windows

Control Panel

Following the steps as explained below:

Step-1: Go to run prompt, type gpedit.msc then press enter and click OK. Note that this might require administrator level elevation.
Step-2: Then, the Local Group Policy Editor will now be open with a dual-pane interface. In the left pane, navigate to user configuration >administrative Templates > control panel.
Step-3: Now in the right pane, double click on the ‘prohibit access to control panel and PC settings’ option. Once the configuration box opens up, use the radio buttons on the top left corner of the box to change the setting’s value from “not configured” to “enabled”. When done, click OK and close the local group policy editor.

You’ve successfully disabled control panel in windows. Whenever, someone tries to access control panel, they will see an error message saying that “the operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on the computer”.


>You will need to sign in as an administrator in order to perform this task.
> You can follow this steps all the versions of windows operating system.