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Fix This app has been blocked for your protection in windows

windows 10

It is a good thing that, windows 10 brings a host of security feature to restrain unauthorized intrusion into the operating system. It’s a teeny bit to invasive and get in the way of our actual work. I show you how fix “This app has been blocked for your protection” in windows 10.


As a general rule you don’t want to do this.

But if you want to do this, here’s some simple steps for you. You can fix “protection error” by enabling the hidden administrator account.

Step-1: Lunch the start menu, search and select the ‘command prompt‘. Right click on it and choose Run as Administrator.

Step-2: Type the following text at the command prompt and hit enter: net user administration /active:yes

Then you should see the message ‘command completed successfully’.

Step-3: Lunch the start menu once again and right click on user account at the top left of the screen. And then click Sign out.

Step 4: At the login screen, you can see Administrator Account. Log into the Administrator Account. Then locate the .exe for the program which you want to install.

( As you have already logged into the Administrator Account and the Smartscreen protection will be disable and the installation should complete successfully.

Step-5: After you have completed the installation, log back into your regular account after logging out of the admin account.

Step-6: Finally disable the Administrator Account that was used earlier to prevent malicious access to your system files from external sources like hackers.

Again, run command prompt and type and hit enter:

net user administration /active:no.