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How to free up space on your android phone

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Tired of low space? Can’t download apps,musics,videos? Then no worry. I have solution. What is that? Free up your space! Question, how to? Visit the list.

The best method of increasing space on Android phone

Android Phone

1. Delete contents you no more like:

This is a common advice. Isn’t that? So, you may ask me for a new one. But brother you probably don’t know which things should be deleted.

Delete the apps you do not like,delete the musics which means no use, delete the photos or screenshots you no more need. Who knows they cover 90% of your mobile storage!

2. Clear caches:

You may not know, but your app caches consume 10% of your space if you never clean them up!

It is really so difficult to admit, but it is the truth. Sometimes, you delete unnecessary apps but the app caches still remain. And that contributes in consuming your memory space.

Note: I will not recommend you to clear app data as it can lead the app in a error way.

3. Move apps,movies to SD card:

Buy a SD card and use it. Only the sentence is enough to hold my word. But, always remember to buy a compatible SD card.

Check Customer review and User manual to know which SD card is compatible.

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4. Move photos, videos to cloud:

As photos and videos take too much space, you should upload them to cloud. There are some apps which upload your photos and videos onto the online account. Among Google photos, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Flickr etc, Google photo is most preferable. Because it saves your photos and videos to your Gmail account which is your favourite account! After your contents (photos,videos) are uploaded, you can delete the copies stored in your phone memory. You can easily access from your photo app in your phone to Google photo. Just check it once,you will be compelled to trust myself.

5. Check the unnecessary files:

The unnecessary files stored in your device consumes much of your storage. So, delete them.

And yes, test them if they are related with present apps or not. They may play important role to run some apps. So, check before you delete them.

6. Remove the malwares:

I hope you will believe me as you know how dangerous they are.They create more than one exported files which consumes your memory! I have found the information from a malware specialist. So, do not neglect them.

Which software will be better for a phone malware cleaning? 360 security. As this app always notify you about the malware, it is really workful. It also clear and guide you on the malwares.

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