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Google Play Best Games Of 2016

Google play best game

As everyone knows, Google play publish their Best games every year. In a word, most android users are maddened in playing games. For them, android device without android game is like a tree without fruits!

Only for the crazy peoples, most popular app store Google play store consist up the top game ranking. Recently, they have published the 2016 edition.

Here is the verified list of 2016.(Search Google Play to know the descriptions.)

1. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a game which has interaction with real world. Here you walk down in real world and hunt out the hidden pokemons. Then create your base and fight with others!

Play Store Best Games

2. Traffic Rider

Want some speed? Then the game will be perfect. With latest superbikes, stunning graphics and realistic sound will intoxicate you in a world of speed.

Google play best games

3. Mobile Strike

This game will test your strategic skill. Building base, control action, attacking enemies will blow your tactical mind.

google play best games4. Dream League Soccer 2016

In the higher ranked game, you will create and manage your team with FIFA licensed footballers! You will feel a realistic movement in your mind! You will also buy kits with coins earned in the game! Don’t forget to challenge the world with your team! Really, the game is not a football game, but a fulfilled football management game too!

google play best games

5. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Become the professional ruler! Create your team, fight the opponents and rule the galaxy. Play the game!

google play best games6. Hungry Shark World

In the game, you will control a shark to eat up the offshore humans! 21 different species of sharks with opportunity of equipment will eat with pleasure. Tired of simulation? Heart beating missions are there too!

google play best games7. Clash Royale

It is from supercell! Like COC, enter the arena, create your strategical base and fight the other royales.

google play best games8. NBA Live Mobile Basketball

To the NBA lovers, I would like to suggest the game. Here you will run your team, control your team and complete awesome challenges. You will be upadated with new global challenges time to time.

google play best games9. Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Fighting the walkers, building the base, raiding enemies, collecting and recruiting survivors everything is the main point of the game.

google play best games

10. HIT

Hack and slash through hordes of diverse enemies on a journey of loot and conquest built in Unreal Engine 4! A direct representative from Google Play.

google play best games11. Rolling Sky

Drag your 3D ball, avoid the obstacles and pace with the musical speed. I expect you will reach to the top of the glory.

google play best games12. slither.io

If you collide with others , then you will explode. And if you are collided, then your opponent will explode. It is the glimpse of the online game.

google play best games13. AbyssRium-Make your aquarium

Collect fishes, build up your aquarium and create happy fishes. The game is awesome with android 5.0 or higher. Hope to try this.

google play best games14. Mekorama

A tiny robot will captivate you with the 50 mechanical puzzle. The gameplay is so charming so that you will lose your mind.

google play best games15. Rodeo Stampede: Sky Zoo Safari

Ride with the wonderful animals to cope up with the changing world. Beat out all the obstacles and unlock nice rewards with tons of scores. Invite friends and many features are waiting for you.

google play best games16. Color Switch

You will tap a ball and that will run into color with powerups. Through avoiding obstacles, you will earn high score.

google play best games17. Best Friends Forever

With the help of friends, beat up the bad guys and collect thousand of inventories. Learn Math to play the game as it will help you! In a world, the online game will represent the word  friendship as you will be united to defeat the enemies!

google play best games18. Oz: Broken Kingdom

Take Oz back to it’s glory ! Command and evolve your heroes, summon it’s credibility! Everything is beyond your strategy boss!!

google play best games19. The Trail

I guarantee you have never played such game! Exploring new city and crafting business… don’t these things seem to be new! Yes, it is. The game provides you the access to earn new features and many things.

And the graphics and display !!!!!! In a word, awesome.

google play best games

20. Mobius Final Fantasy

Remember the final fantasy series! Awesome, its now in mobile! With a mixup story!

Not only story, the RPG battle-system is almost new and never seen before. The ‘Job System’ comes back with the gameplay. Destroying enemies will consume more fun with the 3D highest graphics.

google play best games

You are invited to play it.

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21. Animation Throwdown

Consisting with you favourite five cartoon character, collect and fight with your cards. As it is a card battle game!

google play best games22. Lords Mobile

Building army with collected exotic heroes and then fight out in the battlefield is now on the mobile!

Real time RPG elements is included in the game. Fight in PvP battles with different groups all over the world.

Awesome HD graphics will serve you to master your mind. I promise!

google play best games

23. Hearthstone

Collecting cards and throw them into the gauntlet!

Pick up your card hastle and challenge your friends to win awesome prizes. Your cards are always linked to your battle.net account. The game is relatively simple but provide extreme matter of fun and pleasure.

google play best games24. Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

Attract cats with tasty foods and enticements! Create a catbook album with that and invite visitors! Becoming a catmaster is now on time!

google play best games

25. The Last Vikings

Your main theme for the game is to sail down to dangerous seas and revive the glory of the vikings. Building up army, boats, special heroes and fighting with mythical creatures will blow your realistic concept!

google play best games26. PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator

A mini YouTube! Yes, it might be. You will make videos and gain views to unlock new equipments, furnitures, clothes and even pets. Then, set up your room and share it online to showoff yourself. There are epic quests to be completed for earlier earnings! Follow and vote your favourite friends and send or receive swag gifts!

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Really, the game possesses all the qualities to be intoxicated in some epic gameshow!

google play best games

27. Riptide GP: Renegade

You are hydrojet driver who is cast out from Riptide GP league for illegal doings.

In the game, you will unlock new vehicles, characters and features by participating in Single Play Mode. Multiple online feature are also there to serve you. The visual graphics and the sound if the gameplay will let you be lost in a mythical digital world.

google play best games

You need $2.99 to Play this Game.

28. The Room Three

Lure yourself in a mysterious remote island to find out the thrill behind it. Consecutive unique puzzles with physical control will make you a online detective!

google play best games

You need $4.11 to Play this Game.

29. Her Story

For me, it is the most challenging and relative detective game. The game has earned about 7-9  awards regarding games and applications.

google play best games

In the game, you play as a detective to find out the reality behind a real-life crime story. Here you will watch some video clips and explore the databases by searching items. The video will consist a woman’s interrogation about her husband’s missing issue. While solving out the mysteries, you will feel exact like a detective.

You need $4.99 for this critically acclaimed mystery game.

30. Never Alone: Ki edition

Nuna and fox are the main characters of the game. You can switch between them at any time as your wish.

google play best games

Exploring the arctic land, you will unlock vehicles, video insights and many more accessories. Invited to visit play store for more inquires!

You Need $4.99 To buy this Game

31. Reigns

Sit down on the throne and rule upon your kingdom. Take any gameplay decision to save your kingdom from conspiracy and attack. The game is difficult as you proceed with the game.

google play best games

Buy this game just for $2.99 and enjoy it.

32. Downwell

You may ask how such a 2D game can worth 2.99$ ! Really without playing the game, answering it is hard. Out stunning gumboots, unique weapons and strategy will teach you how to conquer!

google play best games

33. Gardenscapes – New Acres

This is a unique matching puzzle game. The game includes a beautiful gameplay.

google play best games

Here you will make a nasty fpgarden into a dream garden by redeeming newest accessories!

For more updates like this, stay with us.