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How to stop Facebook from sending you friend suggestions


Facebook is an essensial social communication platform where we connect with our friends and family easily. And this usually includes friends and relations that you just haven’t seen for quite a while. Facebook incorporates a ‘Suggested Friends’ feature, to connecting with them.

It generally works by recommending recent friends and casual acquaintances that you simply may wish to feature as Facebook friends.But off lattely, the ‘Suggested Friends’ feature has begun recommending random individuals as suggested friends.

Facebook use your smartfhone’s location for suggest you the nearby friends. Its happen, when two user use facebook at same place in the same time, use their smartphones to either check-in to the place. If you don’twant to see the ‘Suggested Friends’ feature,You can prevent Facebook from accessing your smartphone’s location.

Here’s how to to do it Android and iPhone:

For Android User

These method for those, who using latest android OS ( Android Marshmallow). Go to Settings > Apps > Facebook > Permissions > Location > Off. This will prevent Facebook to accessing your smartphone’s location.


If you are using an older version of Android, the only solution is to access Facebook from other browser (chrome, opera and other), not the Facebook official app.

For iOS User

Just go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Facebook. From the options presented, select Never.


This will help you to stop Facebook from accessing your location.