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Problems and Bugs of iPhone 7 And Solutions

iphone 7

The word can easily draw one’s attention. Not only attention, may be something more than that. That is why many people are losing their heart and brain towards it. Many people try with their highest capability to accumulate the money to iPhone 7. Who knows someone give his life for a iPhone 7 ?

Though it may seem mysterious, iPhone 7 has still bunches of bugs!!! Is it true?

iPhone 7

Yeah. Thus many people are facing with the new shits.

iPhone 7 is costly and even the problems and bugs are also costly. So, let’s be acquainted with the bugs and problems!

The home button of iPhone 7 is useless without skin contact

According to the iOS review, many people stated that iPhone 7 home button is not working with handy gloves or cloths. It requires physical or assist I’ve touch. For that, sometimes it is annoying and specially while the winter.

In fact, iPhone  home button is no more supporting of the movement of the home button.Rather,it introduces  the Taptic Engine provides haptic feedback to simulate the sense of pressing a button.

The backside is producing hissing sound:

Many users have discovered a mysterious hissing sound from the backer part. The problem is extreme when the users are using any high-memory app or playing games.

The reason of itself is ‘coil whine’, which produces when electrical circuit consumes more power. The processor inside the set heats up and use more power to complete the higher works. The heat causes the speaker amplifier to heat up too and produce the hissing power or sound.

Though, the problem seems not to be complex, but its a serious mechanical issue. It may even lead to explosion! So, we are sincerely waiting for the fixing.

The device may not work in the airplane mode:

Macrumor,a technical website stated, many apple-lovers have found that their iPhone 7 is no working after reviving from airplane mode. Experts say, it occurs for the losing of cellular access. Sometimes, the problem irritates users on essential time. But, Apple is continuously investigating the problem and they have invented some fixing. So, what should be done while the mechanical problem?

The solve is just restarting the phone. If it still doesn’t work, then put out and reinstall the SIM card. The Apple authority guarantee of the method. So, you shouldn’t compromise with the method!

Poor battery life:

It is still unbelievable and unacceptable that iPhone 7 has battery draining issue! Still, many people won’t believe as the cost of iPhone 7 is high. But the fact is it happens.

I won’t include this as a problem or bug but it is really disappointing for the customers. Some adviser like Mac Ruffawo states to use a capable charger and reduce keeping high-memory apps turned on.

Some solve of the battery life draining is

# Go to settings>battery and turn on the low power mode to stretch the battery life. But unfortunately, you will lose access to your favorite feature ‘Hey Siri’!

# Go to settings>battery and test the battery usage and find out which apps are draining the battery fast and then turn them off.

# Use the ram cleaner apps like Ram Cleaner and 360 security to increase the ram power. It will also affect the battery life positively.

# Use battery life repairs to flee out of the problem

# Don’t cancel charging the phone until it is 100%.

May be not for every once, but at least charge the phone of 100% once a day.

If you follow the steps, then you will surely see the battery life!

The new iPhone 7 camera lense is too scratchy:

Though the screen and the body is water resistant, iPhone 7 still have some non-resistance.

The destructive one is the scratch in the camera lense! Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, a iPhone 7 user reports to ZDNet that the camera lense is too scratchy. Even a research concerns about it’s durability!

But, before everything the main concern and anxiety is the scratchy matter. Apple claims that the lenses cover is made of sapphire crystal. But one reliable research proves that the cover is made with glass instead of crystal! Whether it’s true or not, the users are desperately waiting for the resolving.

The iPhone 7 charger is not charging in cable or socket:

The problem may seem to be related with ‘poor battery life’ sector, but it is a little bit different. By the way, every iPhone version has a unique charger. But the matter is iPhone 7 is sometimes not supporting the portal charging.

One day one of my relatives asked me to Suggest him on the matter. I asked him about the problem in his charging socket. He then tested the multi plug by an electrician and the electrician said the plug is 100% correct. So, what could have been the problem?

My hypothesis–

# Sometimes some software prevents the iPhone to getting charged from the charger connected with plug

# Sometimes, dirt, dush and debris attack and stay on the charging port of an iPhone. It prevents the electricity to reach to the lithium ion of the iPhone battery.

#The iPhone charging socket may have a short circuit.

#The charger has gone damaged or bend.

#The cable is not compatible(if it is provided outside the product packet).

After all, if you face problems with charging, then contact your nearest AppleCare or go back to the shop from where you bought it.And yes, don’t blame the phone before you check the charging switch, cable and socket. At last, don’t interact with the non- compatible socket, otherwise it may kill your iPhone7!

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Apple watch won’t connect with iPhone 7:

Some apple watch owners are complaining on the pairing of these two devices. They state that their apple watch had been pairing with the previous iPhones. The problem started up while the upgrade to iPhone 7.

To tackle the problem, upgrade both of your devices to iOS and watch OS latest version. Even if it doesn’t work, then reboot the apple watch.

Poor ringing quality:

Some users complained on the bug. According to their interrogation, the iPhone 7 produces a distant sound while incoming audio ringing, but they are too low to here.Till now, about 30 thousand people has expressed their concern regarding it to the Apple support page.

The easiest solution for it is to download any sound adaptor app.Through the app,you should be able to adjust the sound mixture as your need. Another solution may be to remove the battery and then reinstall it(though it may seem to be difficult).

Lightning earpod stop working:

The problem has spread too much that my neighbour has split on it! According to the authority, its a glitch and it is caused because a software disorder. By the way, the problem is inflicted on the remote control button.So,it starts behaving randomly and deprive the access to adjust the volume of call and ringing settings and the access to‘Hey Siri’. Some people even claim to have the siri randomly working like turning on or off without the input order!

Apple authority has started with the matter and currently there is no way out of it.

3D haptic feedback not working:

The feature has been the uniqueness of iPhone!

From a child to an aged guy, everyone acknowledged it as the most creative feature. According to a survey arranged by Apple, this has been the best iPhone feature. But, the shocking news is, in the new iPhone 7 version it has been neglected with some bugs.

In fact, the 3D haptic feedback creates a 3D sensation of pressing and releasing the button! Though it is not healthy for human body, it has been appreciated highly.

And now, there is discontinuity in the feature. Sometimes, we are deprived from the haptic vibration. So, many ‘i-fans’ are losing their heart. So, Apple is striving to fix the matter. For the instant solution, I would suggest you to restart your device.

iPhone 7 has been the dream of millions of people. But, some still don’t know there are bunchs of bugs, annoyance, problems, glitches in it!

May I, on behalf of the iPhone 7 users, pray and hope that Apple will fix the problems within a short time and oblige us thereby.

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